Technical pool equipment

Learn more about the parameters that ensure your pool is running smoothly.
Every pool needs a precisely tailor-made technology.

First and foremost, this includes an appropriate filter pump.
By applying suction with the filter pump, the water flows from the pool over the skimmer or overflow channel, all the way through the filter tank and then back into the swimming pool via the inlet noozles.
Another essential component of the technical pool equipment is the filter tank. It can be filled with various materials, such as quartz sand, glass, etc., and filters impurities out of the water.
Seeping through the tank, larger contaminants (flies, hair, etc.) remain on the first layers and smaller contaminants remain on the layers below.
Once the water has seeped through the filter tank in this circuit, it can be disinfected and treated with chemicals and brought to the desired temperature with the help of a heater.
Now, the way is clear for pleasant and, above all, healthy swimming.

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