Steam baths

The power of warm steam

The beneficial and healing effects of steam result from the ideal combination of heat and moisture. The moist heat supports better blood circulation in the cells by dilating the blood vessels and supplying them with more oxygen. The uppermost skin layers swell and the pores open up. This results in gentle cleansing and a sense of well-being.
Classic Line
The straight-lined, timeless steam bath.
The Classic Line is characterized by its linear design of the walls and benches.
The condensation water is drained off via an subtle drainage channel behind the bench.
Relax Line
The ergonomic steam bath.
The Relax Line has slightly shaped individual seat shells, the seat surface is slightly inclined forward so that the water flows off.

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Roofing systems: why you need a pool enclosure
Simply put: Because a roofing system provides safety, extends your swimming season, helps you save money and opens up a whole new world of unimagined possibilities.
Changing sand in the pool - what you need to know!
The majority of pool filter systems run with sand. This proven filter medium is easy to handle, has great cleaning power and is cost-effective.
Linear Pool at Mondsee (A)
At a family in Mondsee (A), we have realized this individual pool, model "Linear" with an individual scale.

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