Classic Line

The Classic Line is characterized by its linear design of the walls and benches.
The condensation water is drained off via an subtle drainage channel behind the bench.

The different sizes and models allow room for design both for commercial and private use. Thanks to the prefabricated elements and the adjustable base, installation is quick and uncomplicated. The porefree surfaces inside are of sanitary quality and thus ensure maximum hygiene and easy cleaning.
The straight-lined, timeless steam bath.
Colour schemes
Pure white RAL 9016
Pure Caribbean feeling!
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Our most popular shade will transport you to the South Seas in no time with a vibrant turquoise hue. 
Light grey RAL 9018
How noble!
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For a radiant, elegant shade reminiscent of the velvety blue of royal robes.
Granite grey 3D
A jewel!
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This colour imitates a deep, clear mountain lake. When exposed to sunlight, it creates a glittering effect. 
Azure Blue
Timeless classic!
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This shade makes the water shine in a bright sky blue. Perfect for happy days by the pool. 

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