Monobloc pools with special steps

Comfortable entry steps and relaxing seating accommodation - enjoy double benefi.t
Adria 85
3,80 x 8,50 x 1,53 m
4,00 x 10,20 x 1,53 m

Technical equipment and accessories

With the right details, the pool fun is perfect. We provide everything that promotes wellness, relaxation and bathing fun.

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One for all: Stelvio is the best filter box for pools
Practical but unaesthetic? Beautiful but totally impractical? Our Stelvio technology box puts an end to lazy compromises. Conceived and made in the Polyfaser-Manufaktur in South Tyrol, this box plays all the pieces and looks outrageously good at the same time. 
The speed-controlled pool pump in the fact check
It saves trouble with the neighbours, is easy on the environment and your wallet and is a real cleaner: the speed-controlled (= frequency-controlled) pool pump. We at Polyfaser are real fans and answer frequently asked questions about this pool system in this article.
South Tyrol's pool pioneers: Elda and Josef Wagmeister
We are sure that they would be proud, the two pool pioneers Josef and Elda. Their company Polyfaser has now been in existence for 55 years and an incredible 25,000 pools have been sold from South Tyrol all over the world.

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