Free-standing or self-supporting pools

In addition to the common method of placing the pool in an excavation and backfilling it, Polyfaser has developed two other methods for placing a prefabricated pool.

Some customers do not have the option of digging in the pool, but would like to place it on a terrace or be able to walk around their pool. Certainly, these clients should also be able to enjoy a Polyfaser pool. The following options are applicable in such cases.
Free-standing pools: The pool does not need to be backfilled; only a horizontal foundation plate is required.

Self-supporting pools: The pool does not need to be backfilled; however, a horizontal foundation plate is required and the pool edge must be set in concrete all around.
Both versions are supplied with a reinforced and insulated pool bottom.

With the free-standing or self-supporting variants, a pool can also be installed onto a terrace subsequently, whereas other construction projects would fail for structural reasons. The fact that you can walk around the pool brings a lot of advantages; such as changes, additions or repairs to the pool later on.

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