Technical equipment and accessories

With the right details, the pool fun is perfect.

We provide everything that promotes wellness, relaxation and bathing fun.
That´s why we can offer you everything you need for wellness, relaxation and fun in your pool. It´s not only about innovative technology to make you feel great, like massage jets and counter-current systems, but also about making your pool easy and economical to run, by using energy-saving heat exchangers or heat pumps. And, of course, we also offer water treatment options such as automatic PH regulation or automated measurement and addition of chlorine or salt.
Treat yourself to a pool with a luxury specification.

Technical pool equipment

The technical equipment is the heart of your pool unit.
Learn more about the parameters that ensure your pool is running smoothly.

Water purification treatment

A Polyfaser pool provides happiness and relaxation. In return, it demands a little care and maintenance.


The skimmer ensures a clean surface and a perfect water level. Available in various sizes and models, reaching from standard to slim or slim Max.
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Underwater spotlights

For a magical aura in your pool water.
Let it shine

Cleaning equipment

An electric pool robot cleans your pool automatically and reliably.

Massage bench & jets

Just press the button, lean back and relax.

Rollover cover

Provides safety for children and pets, reliably protects against contamination, insulates optimally and thus reduces heating costs.
Cover your pool

Polyfaser News

We will keep you up to date

Special delivery swimming pool
From our factory to your garden in a jiffy
Kos with Rubin Plus I
Mr. Hochegger from Austria has realized with a white Kos and a Rubin Plus I roofing the dream of owning a pool.
Exclusive pool in antracite on the Isle of Pantelleria
Mr Klaus has installed this anthracite-colored linear pool with skimmer function in his holiday home on the Mediterranean island of Pantelleria.

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