Quality and Know-How

Polyfaser stands for uncompromising quality down to the smallest fibre.

From the beginning, we have always relied on manual craftmanship in the manufacture of our pools.
All layers are applied by hand and supplemented by a supportive structure. Our experience leads us to seek new technologies: In cooperation with our reliable suppliers, we are constantly working on the further development of materials and production techniques. We guarantee a constant top quality of our products through a monitoring in-house control and external examinations. If problems should arise nevertheless, we are always endeavoured to resolve them quickly and easily.

Our long company history has taught us that motivated employees and satisfied customers are the key to success. Day after day, we incorporate decades of experience into our work. Quite a few pools from our production have been in use for over 50 years. POLYFASER also produces boat hulls for a well-known shipyard in Austria, by using the same production process and materials as in the pool production, ranging from sailing boats to speedboats with up to 1,000 hp.

Our top priority concerns are the production of durable, sustainable products and the satisfaction of our customers. All swimming pool roofing systems are custom-built according to your individual requirements, using only high-quality raw materials from renowned brand manufacturers. All materials are thoroughly tested for their durability and suitability for the specific requirements of swimming pool construction, such as impact-resistant, UV-protected polycarbonate that we use for the glazing. In-house and external testing procedures ensure consistently high quality throughout the entire production process. Type approval and static testing are carried out by the German TÜV.

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