Our motivation

Water, the element of our fascination.

It tells the stories of life itself.
Our Story starts with the passion for our craft.
Therefore we are building by hand,
fiber by fiber on the dreams of our clients, and make them come true.
Restless and relentless we aim to reach the best outcome.
An open ear and our flexibility help us to grant the wishes of our clients.
The familiar ambience at our factory and our qualified team guarantees that our handshake
quality persists.
Together we work on achieving high quality and reliable products that will amaze.
And amaze they will. For sure!
Honest, humble craftsmanship together with the courage to innovate, distinguish us and help
us prepare for the always evolving challenges of the future.
We are ambitious and have big goals, yet we will always stay grounded.
Because we know, in the end, the only thing that counts is:
The satisfaction of our clients.

We are there for you

Give us a call. We'd be happy to help you.


Polyfaser SPA
Via Pineta 99
I-39026 Prato allo Stelvio (Bolzano)
+39 0473 616 180
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