This is why you should choose a Polyfaser pool.

Is Polyfaser the best pool builder? Where do Polyfaser swimming pools come from? We were recently blown away when our marketing department showed us all what you're Googling for out there. Our loyal souls, the regular Polyfaser customers, of course know what they have in us and our pools. To all curious pool lovers, indecisive bathing vixens and pool owners-to-be, we want to make the decision for a pool from Polyfaser even easier. Imagine a drum roll, hold on tight, here we go! 

#1: 100 % made in South Tyrol
Regionality, local added value and social responsibility are not advertising blah-blah for us, but a promise. 

#2: 55 years of experience
Because we know what we are doing. We have been gathering pool know-how for more than half a century.

#3: The complete pool and roof programme
Pool is the only thing many can do. We have everything else you need. From the technology box to the highly functional pool roof. 

#4: 20 year guarantee
We stand by the quality of our work. That's why we are sure: A polyfibre pool ready for many decades of enjoyment. 

#5: Flexibility for special requests
Not possible? There's no such thing! Difficult terrain or special dimensions: we make your pool dream come true. 

#6: Short and direct delivery
We work precisely AND quickly. We don't do things by halves when it comes to delivery either and rely on our own polyfibre fleet. 

#7: Top customer service
You are the kings. Full stop. Out. Wherever your hat is on fire: we are there for you. No ifs, ands or buts.

#8: This video
A few of us are camera shy. But in the end we jumped over our shadows (and into the pool). Give us a thumbs up!

We are there for you

Give us a call. We'd be happy to help you.


Polyfaser SPA
Via Pineta 99
I-39026 Prato allo Stelvio (Bolzano)
+39 0473 616 180
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