The speed-controlled pool pump in the fact check

It saves trouble with the neighbours, is easy on the environment and your wallet and is a real cleaner: the speed-controlled (= frequency-controlled) pool pump. We at Polyfaser are real fans and answer frequently asked questions about this pool system in this article.

Is a speed-controlled pump better in the pool?

Whoever we ask here at Polyfaser: all our pool experts love variable speed pumps. It's easy to explain why: with preset but adjustable filtration speeds, it uses up to 85 per cent less electricity. It is also very quiet, and extremely user-friendly thanks to an app. On top of that, this type of pool pump delivers excellent filtration quality because the speed can be varied. 

How much energy can I save with a speed-controlled pool pump?
Simply put, if you switch to a variable speed pump, you can look forward to twice the running time at half the cost. In contrast to a conventional pump, which can only be switched on and off and cannot be adjusted to the operating conditions, a frequency-controlled pump can reduce energy consumption by up to 85 percent. 

Can a pump like this save me trouble with the neighbours?
Absolutely! A pool pump with frequency control is whisper quiet! Compared to a single-stage pump, it is up to 15 decibels quieter. This is roughly equivalent to the sound of leaves rustling in the wind or a clock ticking. That doesn't sound like much, but the monotonous humming noise of a pool pump can really get on your nerves over time. Good to know: If the pump is too loud, it can be interpreted as noise pollution and have legal consequences. 

How well does a frequency-controlled pump clean the pool?
In a nutshell: Excellent! The water can be filtered at a slower speed, making it much more transparent. The slower the water runs through the filter tank, the less disinfectant your pool needs. This is not only good for your wallet, but also for the environment. In addition, the speed can be increased again during backwashing, guaranteeing optimal cleaning of the filter sand.

What is the best speed-controlled pool pump in 2023?

We were convinced by the Victoria Plus Silent VS pump. It is a super-quiet, variable powerhouse.

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