Roofing systems: why you need a pool enclosure

Walk-on, with side doors, dome-shaped, lockable or flat and discreet - roofing systems from Polyfaser come in every conceivable variety and shape. But first the question arises: Why should I roof my pool at all? We have compiled the most important arguments for a pool enclosure for you:

#1: A roofing system helps you save money.

And that in two ways! Firstly, with a pool enclosure you can extend the swimming season without electricity and additional energy costs - even on cloudy days the sunlight is sufficient to keep the pool water at a pleasant temperature. A pool enclosure not only helps with the energy from the socket: it also conserves your own energy reserves: after all, you have to fish fewer leaves and insects out of the water and you need fewer chemicals as a result. 

#2 Roofing systems: Better safe than sorry 

Whether you have two-legged or four-legged babies or both at home: with Polyfaser you can play it safe. The pool covers come with a lockable locking system on request. For maximum peace of mind! And if the weather is in a bad mood again, you can also rest assured: Thanks to the wind protection hooks and the locks, the roof stays where it should be. 

#3 Space and style: the Roofing system as a design element

This point is perhaps a little unexpected, but have you ever considered using a pool enclosure to create completely new spaces? Our pool experts have created a year-round poolside terrace for our customers. The walk-in constructions with integrated anteroom are even large enough in the standard version for a small oasis with a relaxation lounger. And with the customised designs, the fun really begins! Curious? Here you can find more information about our roof programme.

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