Only the best for the pool!

The quality of a product is never a coincidence. Therefore the fiberglass swimming pools from Polyfaser are carefully crafted. All layers are applied by hand and supplemented with stiffening ribs.
Did you know that a smart phone today lasts for an average of two years before it`s being replaced by a new one? Even light bulbs, washing machines and TVs break down earlier. That's called planned wear. In addition to more consumption, this has two main consequences: more waste for the environment and less money in your pocket.

Fortunately, this works differently at Polyfaser. Some of our swimming pools are in operation for over 45 years now! We are convinced that only this way is sustainable and hence rely on long-lasting products. The satisfaction and loyalty of our customers show: Our philosophy is worthwhile!

As in the pool construction, we only use high-quality raw materials for our custom-made roofings. For example, the UV-protected polycarbonate we use for glazing. This material is break-proof and impact-resistant, weather and aging resistant. A Polyfaser roofing covers your pool safely!

All this is guaranteed by the German TÜV, which performs qualification approvals and static tests. Moreover, the coating of the frame profiles follows strict QUALICOAT quality standards.

If you still experience problems, our flexible service team is at your disposal, which is on the road all year round. Our long-term employees stand for competent advice, punctual delivery and responsible maintenance.

By the way: With the same procedures and materials as for swimming pool construction, we also produce boat hulls for a well-known shipyard, from sailboats to speedboats. If you enjoy swimming your lengths, feel free to push off harder from the pool walls. Our swimming pools are quite tough.

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