NEW: The Venezia overflow pool 100% made in Italy.

From the first flash of inspiration to the smallest stainless steel detail: you can't get more Italian than that! Our new "Venezia" overflow pool is packed with Polyfaser power, decades of experience, high-end materials and, of course, our passion for pools. The mere fact that we can affix the "100% made in Italy" label to this pool makes us extremely proud. But Venezia has two more trump cards up its sleeve: 
You can't get any deeper: overflow channel as splash water tank
Our engineers have pushed the limits of what is possible down to the last millimetre. As a result, Venezia has one of the deepest overflow channels on the market. The highlight: the overflow channel is also the splash water tank. For pool owners, this means enormous savings, as the structural measures are much smaller. Compared to a conventional overflow pool with a splash water tank, Venezia by Polyfaser is much cheaper. 
Sewn to the edge: Flush stainless steel
We can justifiably and proudly claim: Nothing like this has ever been seen before! All built-in parts are flush-mounted. This is not only extremely attractive, but also quite clever. Did we mention that the stainless steel components are all 100 per cent made in Italy? Just like the rest of the great Venezia range? 

Venezia from Polyfaser at a glance: 
  • External dimensions: 3.76 x 5.86 x 1.13 m
  • Internal dimensions: 3.00 x 5.10 x 1.10 m
  • Built-in steps with bench
  • Integrated overflow channel, serves as a swell water tank
  • Insulated floor (sandwich)
  • Niches for flush-recessed built-in parts
  • Including 4 inlet nozzles, 1 floor drain
  • 1 white LED underwater spotlight
  • Standard colours: pure white, light grey, concrete grey, sand, azure blue

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