My maintenance calendar

A Polyfaser pool provides happiness and relaxation. In return, it demands a little care and maintenance.
We have summarized the most important maintenance tasks in the following monthly schedule.

The days are getting longer again and the first flowers herald the arrival of spring. To be optimally prepared for the new bathing season, you advise you to prepare the cleaning agents and chemicals for water treatment now.
If you have any questions about products and pool cleaning, your Polyfaser area manager will be happy to provide you with information and advice.


Finally, pleasant temperatures again! It is mid-April and warm enough to start cleaning the pool thoroughly. This way, nothing stands in the way of the first jump into the cool water in May!
The filter system and chemical treatment should be checked for proper functioning. Only a functioning water treatment system guarantees crystal-clear water. If you would like to start the bathing season now, we recommend a heat pump so you can enjoy yourself in pleasantly warm water.


Ultimately, let´s start the bathing season!
During the entire bathing season, the water parameters such as the pH value (optimal between 6.9 and 7.2) and the chlorine value (optimal between 0.3 and 0.6) should manually be re-measured weekly. In case of deviations, regulate the values! This is done by manually adding chemicals or by readjusting the dosing system.
Every fortnight you should also clean the sand filter by backwashing it. This keeps the filter sand free of dirt and nasty germs.

June – July:

Summer - the days are long and swimming fun is at its best. The filter system is running, the water values are stable and your pool water is crystal clear.
The temperatures are scratching the 40-degree mark? No problem, your pool is now in high season!
Simply let a robot vacuum take care of the pool – cleaning, and enjoy the refreshing time out from the heat without stress.


When everyone is finally on holiday, the time has come for big and memorable pool parties.
If the pool is used by many people, the filter system should be in continuous operation. After a party, simply set the usual filter time again, measure the water values and check the water level of the pool!
If you have a pool roofing, it is advisable to open the cover (under supervision) when the water temperature exceeds 28° so that the temperature inside does not get too high and possible chlorine vapours can leak.


The bathing season is slowly coming to an end, as the nights get longer, the water is also getting cooler.
If your joy and desire for swimming is not yet over, you can extend the bathing season with the help of a heat pump.


Closing time for your pool. As soon as the pool is no longer in use, prepare your pool for winter break. We advise you to backwash the pool water to a depth of approx. 10 cm below the installation parts, then add winter protection chemical and empty the piping including the filter system. Your local swimming pool retailer will be happy to provide you with detailed information.

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