I jump into my pool every day. For 52 years!

A pool that has been in the garden for over 50 years is part of the family: Reinhard's Polyfaser pool from Naturns in South Tyrol has shaped the summers of entire generations. 
Purchased for holiday guests, the swimming pool became the centre of carefree summer days over the decades. Today it keeps Reinhard fresh. He still jumps into his Polyfaser pool every day. Has it lived up to the promise made by the salesman half a century ago? We wanted to find out, so we sat down with Reinhard for a coffee and a chat:

Dear Reinhard, first of all we want to know: How often do you really jump into your pool?
Almost every day! It's good for me, as I get older I get more and more aches and pains and swimming loosens everything up. And of course a pool is refreshing too.

You bought your pool 52 years ago - it must have been a bit of a sensation in the neighbourhood at the time, right?
We used to have a bed and breakfast and my father wanted a small, freestanding pool back then. So I said it was out of the question, the money would be too bad, if we did, then we'd get something proper! As you can see, the decision was the right one: guests swam in it for 15 years and then we used it privately. After more than 50 years, the pool is still in use.

Why did you choose a pool from Polyfaser?
There was a representative in the village, the Schaller company, which has also been around for 50 years (laughs). They arranged Polyfaser and our pool for us. In the past, you didn't have so many options, but today we're happy that it worked out that way.

What model do you have, if you know that?
Oh no, unfortunately I can't remember, but 5×10 metres and 1.5 metres deep, I know that for sure!

How has your pool held up over the years?
In all these years, I've had to replace the inlet nozzles twice, they're made of plastic and with the heat and cold, things can break. But we've never had any damage to the pool itself. Oh yes, about 3 years ago one of my sons painted the pool, the colour had simply faded, but otherwise everything was fine! Incidentally, Polyfaser's customer service is also great, I phoned them and they came straight away. Top!

What is your impression in terms of quality and durability?
After 52 years and a few replaced nozzles and a bit of colour, I don't think there's much more to say, is there? It was and still is leak-proof and that is the most important thing when it comes to swimming pools!

What do you enjoy most about the pool?
That I can swim in it every day, weather permitting. It's now a meeting place for the whole family/family-in-law and their children... The fourth generation is now swimming in it, actually the third, my parents never used the pool! (laughs!)... It's just a lovely meeting place!

As a "pool professional", what advice can you give to people who are considering a pool?
After 50 years, there's not much I can say... (laughs). There are now so many things that speak in favour of a pool, I personally would do it again.

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