Fifty reasons:

Why swimming is so good for you!

50 amazing, bizarre and interesting facts about swimming in your own pool. Carefully collected, compiled and written down for you 

  1. A feeling of weightlessness: Swimming is like flying. Maybe even more beautiful!   

  2. Whole body workout: One swim stroke effectively uses almost all the muscles in your body.

  3. Cardiovascular training: Your heart is a muscle too, and swimming is the perfect workout to strengthen it in the long term.

  4. Stress relief: Get into the water, get out of the daily grind. Swimming is great for letting off steam and calming your nervous system.

  5. Improved breathing: If you swim regularly, you can improve your breathing technique and thus increase your general well-being.

  6. Happy joints: There is probably no sport gentler than swimming

  7. Exercise for everyone: There are countless swimming variations. Everyone can find the right way to keep fit.  

  8. The burner! When it comes to burning calories, swimming makes other sports look old.

  9. Improved blood circulation: More oxygen. More nutrients for you and your cells. When you swim, your blood circulation can improve.

  10. Mood enhancer: The endorphins that are released during your swimming movements are potential happiness boosters.

  11. Tighten your skin: Water "massages" your connective tissue when you swim. Your skin looks smoother and firmer.

  12. Sandman's favourite sport: regular morning (!) swimming sessions  can help you get a more restful night's sleep.

  13. Boost for the immune system: Sporting activities such as swimming can help to strengthen your immune system and protect you from illness.

  14. (Not)a bone job: Resistance training in the water has the potential to strengthen bones and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

  15. Improve your coordination: Arms, legs, breathing and preferably in unison. Not so easy, but super effective!

  16. So cool! On a hot summer's day, there's nothing better than cooling off and refreshing yourself in a cool pool. 

  17. Boost your confidence! Who practices, gets better. And stronger. And prouder! This also applies to swimming.

  18. Hello, neighbour! Bet the neighbours will quickly become very friendly when they find out you have a Polyfaser pool.

  19. Lifesafer: If you can swim, you can quickly become a lifesaver. If you swim regularly, you can quickly become a lifesaver for others in need.

  20. Back to nature: feel like a fish in the water,  this saying is no coincidence: swimming connects us to the ancestors of all mammals. 

  21. Increasing endurance: The more you swim, the more your endurance improves. Logical, right? And wonderful, isn't it? 

  22. Quiet please: Under water, the world becomes silent and the noise of everyday life quietens. Therefore: dive in!

  23. Detox: It is said that swimming flushes many unnecessary things out of your system. Why don't you give it a try?

  24. Stay focused! If you set yourself swimming goals and work on them every day, you will stay fit and motivated. 

  25. Prove your backbone: Proper swimming can help improve your posture and relieve back pain.

  26. Neurons fire: Swimming can optimise your cognitive functions. How? Through better blood circulation and its increased neuronal activity
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  28. The best break:  Before or after work, quickly in between and whenever you feel like it: With a swimming pool from Polyfaser, you're in "pool position".

  29. More creativity: Some people find that the best ideas come while swimming. What do you think of?

  30. Inside view: The water can be a perfect space for thinking, reflecting and making decisions. 

  31. Forever young. Splashing and splashing around is good for your inner child. Fancy a water fight? 

  32. Longevity: We all get older. If you swim regularly, you are more likely to stay healthy for longer. 

  33. Longer season: With a pool enclosure, your summer simply lasts longer and you can swim regardless of the season or the weather

  34. Concentration! The mental discipline required for swimming can help improve your ability to concentrate in other areas.

  35. Healthy reward: After a hard day's work or an intensive training session, you deserve a relaxing time in the pool as a reward. Better than chocolate!

  36. Away to the blue and green: A deep turquoise pool against the green backdrop of a garden is simply beautiful to kneel down in and a balm for the eyes and soul. 

  37. Water concert: The rhythmic splashing, rushing and flowing of the water will get you and your inspiration flowing. 

  38. Me-time: Time in the pool is all yours. Self-care is so important!

  39. Lose the flab: If you want to, swimming can help you regulate your weight. How? It boosts your metabolism and promotes muscle building.

  40. Relaaaaax: The well-tempered water of your pool can relieve muscle tension 

  41. Vitamin D: Goes by the way: Fill up on sunlight and replenish your vitamin D stores. 

  42. Be satisfied! It's hard to describe. But that special feeling of fulfilment that you experience after a few lengths is simply priceless!

  43. Living dreams: Did you know that many people often dream about swimming? But we don't know what that means either.

  44. Your own realm: Once a pool owner. Always a pool owner. Once you have a Polyfaser pool, you'll never want to do without it again. Bet?

  45. New energy. A few laps in the pool and you'll feel like a new person. Better than the third espresso in a row!

  46. Our confidence: We come from the (fruit) water. Maybe that's why we humans love swimming so much.

  47. Bye boredom! While it quickly gets boring in the gym or on the treadmill, you can never get enough of swimming in your own pool. 

  48. Place to be: A pool is not just a place to swim, but also a chic meeting place for friends and family.

  49. Fantasy world: Remember when you were a child? You dived into the water and imagined you were a mermaid. How wonderful that was!

  50. Moving meditation: The rhythmic movements and controlled breathing calm the mind and bring you back to your centre. 

  51. Fun: Last but never least - swimming is simply fun!

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