Changing sand in the pool - what you need to know!

The majority of pool filter systems run with sand. This proven filter medium is easy to handle, has great cleaning power and is cost-effective. In this article we have summarised the most important filter sand facts and questions on the subject: 

How does a sand filter system work? 

The filter system fishes all kinds of unwanted foreign bodies out of the pool water. Insects, algae cells, bacteria and everything else that is responsible for turbidity in the pool water or can cause illnesses is removed by the sand filter system. The sand filter system is based on sand as the filter medium. Polluted pool water flows into the filter system. A large part of the impurities then remains on the filter sand and the almost completely clean water comes out of the sand filter again.

Which sand filters the pool best? 
Quartz sand is the most common filter sand. Quartz sand is made from ground quartz, which is particularly good at filtering foreign particles out of the water flow due to its sharp, jagged edges.

Why do you have to change the sand in the pool filter at all?
The dirty water that flows through the sand filter system is cleaned by the filter sand. Dirt, bacteria, algae and other foreign particles are "trapped" between the sand grains. Sand has a rough surface to which impurities from the water flow attach themselves. Over time, however, the filter sand rubs off. The sand grains become smoother and can therefore absorb less dirt and the filter performance decreases. 

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