A pool full of sustainability

The company Polyfaser is located directly at the foot of the mountain Ortler. The breathtaking mountains that surround us, have accompanied and supported our family business to become a large and recognized company. We are well aware of that and therefore rely on sustainability and responsibility towards our environment. It is a matter of the heart that we cultivate with enthusiasm.
But how exactly do we do that?

It starts with the right choice of the raw materials. Our pools consist exclusively of high quality materials from well-known manufacturers. This not only guarantees the highest customer satisfaction, but also longevity of the products and thus less waste.
With a fiberglass swimming pool made by Polyfaser, you should not be someone who gets jealous easily. It`s very likely that you age faster than your pool. Some of our swimming pools are in operation for over 45 years now! Still as relaxing and enjoyable as they were back then.
However, energy is not only being saved when the Polyfaser pool belongs to you and your spare time. Already during the production of your dream pool, we rely on renewable energies.
With the company's own biomass heating plant, which was built in 2008, we supply our own company as well as the companies in our neighbourhood with heat. Thus, in addition to sustainable energy production, we also make a contribution to the region. The produced heat supplies the tempering chambers, which serve for the final curing of the fiberglass pools, and the ventilation systems, which supply the production rooms with heated fresh air. Moreover, the ventilation systems are equipped with state-of-the-art filters and heat recovery systems, so that no energy remains unused.
The fact that South Tyrol is a sun-blessed land is also used to protect our environment. Polyfaser owns a photovoltaic system, which covers 100% of the energy consumption of our production.

Anyone who chooses a pool from Polyfaser at the same time decides for a responsible and sustainable use of resources and also for the protection of the South Tyrolean mountains.

We are there for you

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